1. fastcompany:

    Why Channeling Your Inner Weirdo Helps You Get Ahead At Work

    Ogilvy & Mather exec John Manly on workplace success - “Let your freak flag fly.”

    I have succeeded at five different ad agencies over the course of nearly two decades by sticking to one simple rule:

    Be a freakin’ weirdo.

    Weird, you question? Yes, weird. Weird is what fuels individuals in the most prolific agencies to remain the vanguards of new ideas. And despite the tendency to outfit agency halls with creative stimuli, channeling our “inner weirdo” is not a natural tendency simply instigated by odd-shaped chairs or brainstorming books. Weirdness—uncovering it, embracing it, practicing it—is one of the most difficult, yet most integral, components to success within the halls of any agency.

    Being weird, I’ve come to realize, is only weird if you don’t use it to better yourself and those around you. Weird is the spark in innovation that separates the good from the great. Weird is the muscle behind adaptability and progress. Weird makes us broader thinkers, stronger leaders, and more adventurous co-conspirators.”

    Read the rest here.

    I’d at least like to advocate being weird. Mostly it doesn’t work for me….

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    If only that quote were less jargon-y.
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    Wise words!
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    Maybe that is true at an advertising agency, but do you really think that is true in other careers like banking or law?
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    Just in time for How Weird Street Faire in SF tmr.
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    I’d at least like to advocate being weird. Mostly it doesn’t work for me….
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    Luv the passion…great stuff
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